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Chicks on the Wrecking Ball

Hello!  I'm the new Chicks blog on  I am giving a makeover.  The website will have more pink fonts and smell really good.  Like me.

If you've made time for Miley's new cinematic masterpiece "Wrecking Ball," you'll find her bringing the sexy by obliterating a post-modern living room with her new boyfriend the sledgehammer.  Near the end, she unnecessarily drags her hand over the right side of her chest, punctuating how forced the sexual elements of the video (like her career) really are.  Still, it's an appropriate wrap to a masterfully coordinated four weeks of promotion by her handlers, who made it a life lesson to all of us that HANNAH MONTANA NEVER EXISTED IT'S ONLY MILEY DRINK THE BLOOD. 

And to the obvious, this album will skyrocket up the Hot 100 like it was fired out of a howitzer.  

The interwebs were all giddyup on the Miley memes (up right and click the lens to make it move).  And yes, you can expect this kind of hard hitting content on a daily basis.  Much love.  Do enjoy.


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