Extra Awesomesauce

But then again, so is trying to kill a spider with a lighter... while pumping gas into your car! And there was always something between Marcy and Peppermint Patty from "Peanuts" that we never got confirmed, but two Simpsons characters may come parading out of the closet soon.
Because the Chicks were down on Georgia Street prior to the Colts game, we decided to play a little game where they tried to guess if the name given was a Jets player or a politician. The end result was priceless.
It's almost debate time, so let's discuss how the lineup set things up for Wednesday. And Alabama is imposing a tax on porn in an effort to decrease their deficit. It's time for the Speed Round!
James Bond would be better off dead than with the reported changes in his character. And Caitlyn Jenner has us scratching our heads after her latest comments on marriage. Let's do some speed!