It's been way too long since we had him on, but he is back!
Governor Mike Pence calls into the show to discuss the thought process behind his decision to, for now, halt the accepting of Syrian refugees into the state of Indiana. Listen here.
The YouTuber Joey Salads takes some time out of his day to talk with the Chicks about what he does, and why he doesn't call himself "Joey Bag O' Doughnuts".
Todd Starnes calls to weigh in on Ben Carson and the response he gave to a question he was asked on Fox and Friends.
Dr. Alveda King speaks with the Chicks before heading to the Celebrate Life dinner here in Indianapolis.
The Chicks talk with Todd Starnes to tackle the tough issues, and if you don't listen you will be doing yourself a severe disservice.
Charles C.W. Cooke from National Review chats with The Chicks On The Right about his recent Hannity appearance, Donald Trump and the GOP Debate.
The Chicks talk with Rebeckah Howard about the RAIN ride that took place this past weekend across Indiana, audio below!
Terri Stacy joined the Chicks to talk about Mother's Day and also little white lies that moms commonly tell their kids. Listen below!