Chicks on the Right

Photo Credit: Bryan Bedder/Getty Images Chelsea Manning announced her plan to run for U.S. Senate in Maryland. Daisy: She's a traitor. She's running for senate. This is ridiculous. It's funny. This is funny...Saturday Night Live, this is the stuff that they make fun of. They...
Photo Credit: Bill Clark/Getty Images Indiana GOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer talks with the Chicks about Luke Messer's straw poll win at Congress of Counties and defeating Joe Donnelly in 2018. Hupfer: It's the first time we have ever done it, but I would say they historically...
Photo Credit: Anadolu Agency/Getty Images A proposed mosque in Carmel has sparked pushback amongst residents. Producer Rob Kendall joins the Chicks to discuss the controversy.
Photo Credit: Noam Galai/Getty Images A recent appearance on MSNBC and a string of tweets has left it clear that Maxine Waters has Trump Derangement Syndrome. Mock: How do you say that about a guy who has like actually saved our entire economy? Daisy: TDS. Trump Derangement...
Parks and Rec star Azaz Ansari is the latest celebrity to fall victim to allegations of bad behavior.
Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images ANTIFA members are interviewed and prove they know nothing about Fascism. Daisy: You have to look at them. Because the visual part of it, you at them, you'll be like, "We walk with these people. We share a planet with these people."
Photo Credit: NurPhoto/Getty Images A Senate Panel has cleared the way for Sunday alcohol sales in Indiana with a unanimous vote. Producer Rob Kendall joins the Chicks to discuss. Daisy: They came together and said, "Let there be alcohol!" Mock: That's fantastic!
Photo Credit: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images A new poll from Rasmussen has Oprah way ahead of President Trump. Mock: Doesn't it make all the sense? Really? I mean, to me, it makes every bit of sense. She's the perfect person for Democrats to put as their candidate.