A couple of Texas high school football players decided to disrespect the flag. Their coach made sure the other players knew it would never happen again. &
A Russian couple was revealed to have used online dating to lure nearly 30 people to their untimately demise...then they ate many of them. The Chicks advise on how to avoid a similar fate.
The Chicks lay out the Top 5 characteristics for men to thrive in a throuple.
A "pro-kneeler" sent the Chicks a harsh message. They were more than happy to return the favor...cause they love America! Daisy: Not pissed off enough to vote or to go out and do something good. And do something where, if I'm going to be a social justice warrior, I'm going to go...
Nicole Kidman was ripped after not thanking Tom Cruise's kids on television. She way have done so to spare them backlash from the Scientology weirdos. This gave the Chicks on the Right a reason to discuss their favorite cult.
Hobby Lobby posted a display of raw cotton. Some social justice warriors on the internt lost their minds. The Chicks on the Right have a little fun at their expense.
A German man injured his privates when he attempted to lift weights...with his privates. The Chicks explore how stupid one has to be to attempt this stunt.
Lipstick for your vagina may sound like a gag gift, but it is very real. The Chicks on the Right discuss and strongly advise against this new product.
A Russian woman was promised paying back her loan would feel as good as an orgasm. It wasn't. She sued. The Chicks discuss.