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2015 - Expect More Of The Same

The President enjoys a rise in his approval ratings again this year, and he’s not even at work; two weeks in the Hawaiian sun, surf and fairways always seems to help the ratings.  No surprise, Barack Obama’s best work happens when he’s, well, not working.  Like clockwork, the guy heads for the beach, Martha’s vineyard, etc., and immediately the people like him lots more.  Hmmm, what an odd coincidence.  Well, it’s not all that complicated, really.  When he’s back in Washington shredding the constitution and fundamentally transforming the republic, folks have to gag down all those magnum doses of his regal highness in full battle dress, usurping power here, destroying economic gains there, you know—the usual.  And increasingly the media’s palace guards are having more trouble disguising his excesses (and his petulance) from the rest of us.  But all’s well just now; he’s on the royal holiday; again.

            One thing about our President, he’s consistent.  He can be counted upon with monotonous regularity to continue attacking the constitution, crushing private enterprise and immolating the middle class; these are his favorite targets as fundamental transformation proceeds apace.  And knowing ever-more clearly that his so-called opposition in the Congress is there for his bidding, 2015 should be a banner year for our Monarch.  But what of those intrepid souls we sent to the nation’s capitol to stem the tide of his radical agenda, and how about all those brave folk in private enterprise who continue doggedly attempting to make profits and to expand the economy.  Well if the $1.1 trillion budget just approved by our whole delegation to that puzzle palace is any indication, nothing will change, at least not for the better.

            Now we have most recently been treated to manifold huzzahs for the return of the good times for the American economy.  Recovery is upon us, they say (whoever “they” are) with gas prices back finally out of the stratosphere, life is indeed better.  Not.  Now there is recovery for sure, but it’s not at the hand of nor is it the product of government policy.  Hell, those leftist scholars who daily run amok inside the executive branch—and their sycophants on Capitol Hill—have done everything possible to stop our economy from doing what it does best.  That is to grow and to succeed.  The media lap dogs trumpet the plunge in gas prices, but they conveniently fail to advise the electorate that the whole thing was the result of an oil rush led and perpetuated by private businesses on private land.  Far from having orchestrated a petro-boom, Obama has with steadfast truculence refused to permit such exploration and harvest on public land (of which there is waaaaaay too much—but that’s another rant). 

            As for jobs and recovery otherwise, no administration that builds policy on the basis of tax increases that cripple the middle class and shackles around the legs of business growth can take credit for anything except continued economic malaise.  And that’s been here aplenty.

            So what happens with this new year?  Well Republicans say they will “fight” hard for the Keystone pipeline, the repeal of the medical device surtax and the defunding of the biggest travesty of all, “executive amnesty.”  But as Senator Coats was so quick to point out on the air last Tuesday, they don’t have a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate, and they don’t have the presidency.  So don’t expect much.  Really.  Andy McCarthy of National Review even when so far as to charge that congressional republicans actually favor letting the President usurp power with his royal fiat to essentially naturalize millions of illegal aliens already here.  He does it, takes the heat for it from the population who can’t stop him now that he’s in his second term, and they once again can avoid working or fouling the nest with their rich contributors who lust after such an inexhaustible supply of cheap labor. 

            Yes, it’s a pretty cynical view of our immediate future for sure, but I gotta tell ya that after years on end of BS promises and a thousand opportunities missed (that “fight” thing, again) expect them to do nothing.  No toughness from Republican Senate leadership requiring Reid & Co. to execute real filibusters that require them to read the phone book for hours on end to stop votes on important matters, and NO—read ZERO—action from the House leadership to advance an agenda that would require the President to veto good ideas by the bushel, thereby affixing the dunce cap on his own head where it belongs.  Just more of the same, and our Hoosier delegation can be counted on, if experience is the teacher, to keep still and sit still and capitulate—still.

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