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3 Ways We Can Save Mexico


            Of course, like the light bulb that really has to want to change, Mexico is a failed state because its people and what passes for leadership down there have yet to demonstrate a real desire to join the 20th—much less the 21st—century.  But what if they did want to leave behind the evils of poverty, disease, corruption and sloth?  What could be done?  Well, without help, probably not much.  Centuries of indolent capitulation to every social ill imaginable in favor of complacency and failure would not be easy to throw off, but with the help of the United States much could be done, some of it in short order.  Here’s a short list:

  1.  We put at least one military division on the border, tasking it to close things up tight and empowering it to use its resources to maximum effect to stop the flood of illegals but more even than that, to seal off the drug and weapons trade.  Clearly all efforts at civilian enforcement have failed, in large measure because they don t have the resources to wage war against the cartels on either side of the border.  Not enough personnel, the wrong weapons and most importantly, they are not the military  What has occurred on the Mexican border has not in truth and in fact ever been a mere breach of civilian law; it has for at least three decades been an invasion.  Whether people, weapons or drugs, we have been invaded by a foreign power.  And Mexico’s government is really at this point in no hurry to stop the invasion.  Hell, they get rid of millions of mouths they either cannot or will not feed, they at least indirectly benefit from the near-cosmic income that is associated with both human and drug trade, and once their displaced nationals are here they immediately start sending millions upon millions of US dollars back home.  Can’t blame them, right?
  2. With the border sealed and the bad guys facing military weapons and might, the business of slipping a few kilograms of cocaine across each night becomes at once more problematic—and really tough on one’s health.  Apache attack choppers, armed drones, and most of all, real honest-to-God fighting men awaiting their attempts will change the game at once, with the obvious result that all those people and all that dope have no place to go.  Oops—the “leaders” in Mexico City have a problem now.  Their electorate all across northern and central Mexico begin screaming for help and demanding that this dreaded societal backup be staunched.  That’s where US leadership comes in; we offer to assist them in quelling and then annihilating the cartels.  The deal is that we leave when they ask us to, and that we cooperate with their own forces.  We share intelligence, provide the troops and weapons, communications and logistics to actually liberate millions of poor Mexicans from the bloody boot heal of the drug and human trafficking trades and—THIS IS KEY—we kill every one of those heinous bastards who fail to surrender to us.  That’s where post-modern Americans get sold short.  The world thinks we no longer have the backbone and the stomach to finish what we start.  But they are wrong.
  3. With the countryside out of the clutches of the murderous henchmen of the cartels and the coyotes who smuggle people into the US, it is time for some real development.  We negotiate a few large tracts of land contiguous with our border, not for sale or other acquisition but for long term leasing, say maybe 25 to 50 years.  We jointly develop commercial, industrial, tourist and residential tracts sufficient that over the period of ten years or so the partners have built enough infrastructure and installed enough resources to support a population of a million or so Mexican citizens.  American entrepreneurs realize profits from their investments (these are loans and investments, not grants or welfare), a robust and well-trained police force that is made up of both American and Mexican personnel ensures that the citizenry is unthreatened by any kind of resurgence of the drug trades—I know, that’s a tall order—and commerce and industry can thrive on a plentiful workforce and easy access to American as well as other markets. 

Ok, so it’s pretty fanciful I suppose, and with this bit of fantasy we will move along to other issues and thinking; but just think with me for a moment.  What I’ve described here is nothing more than a shortened version of what has happened here and around the world where folks have decided freedom and capitalism were worth the trouble.  Instead of hostile invasion, we go help clean out the vermin, establish order and a safe place for people to come, work and live.  When it’s in place, military forces withdraw to the extent the Mexican leadership wants us to, and our business leaders and their acumen and experience come to build in a few years what would take decades otherwise.  And we know this much; nothing succeeds like success; Mexico is without much experience in the success department, but it’s an attractive commodity.  And we know just how to deliver it.

            All I can say is, it’s a ton better than doing nothing.  Building alliances, business relationships and delivering safe and open living conditions are a quantum leap greater than that.

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