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All Day - No, REALLY - All Day

Taxpayers Foot The Bill

So we have “all day K;’ from before breakfast to after dinner in some cases, the tax payers are to foot the bill for what looks a lot more like free all day daycare than it does early learning in a school.  The Governor says it’s just an experiment and that if it does not pan out, well at least we tried.  We being the taxpayers that is. . .and sure we all want the best for the kids who are “at risk” in postmodern America, but therein lies a significant rub.  Just who are these kids at risk, and of what are they at risk?  Well for one thing they don’t get enough to eat at the hands of their parents, hence the three-meal deal; next they don’t get read to at home, are mostly latch key, and are more likely (so goes the template) to become delinquent. 

            Now I’m as interested as the next guy in helping the downtrodden, the “least of these” as the Nazarene put it.  But with virtually zero proof that any of these expensive programs lead to anything close to lasting improvements, one is quickly reminded of such boondoggles as the infamous “Headstart Program”, product of LBJ’s war on poverty; and we all know that one was a resounding success.  Turns out that the kids who were the beneficiaries of the public’s largesse (involuntary as it was) in no way demonstrated over time that all those billions we expended on them made a whit of difference in their academic or social performance after the first couple of years.  You’re shocked, I can tell.

            Well here is, as they say, the kicker.  While there is no evidence that these expensive experiments do any lasting good, they do have a rather profound—if unintended—consequence; they clearly encourage parents who already are pee poor at caring for their own children to easily—no, wait, make that eagerly—default in the direction of least resistance, and most freebies.  Yup, just you watch as this age old axiom comes true yet again:  you do nothing to help a man or woman by doing that for them that they can and should do for themselves.  So there you have it—Republicans mimicking the Democrat central government-ocrats with another expensive deal that, beyond discouraging responsible parenting, will fail with profound regularity.

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