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The Comedic Hysteria of the Left—Again

So the story is that some lesbian lady has panicked because Trump’s goons are enroute to her location intent on snatching up her children and taking them away from her... No—really—not only is that the rumor, but Liberals across the fruited plain now believe it and are circling their Priuses and preparing for the last battle of the shrink’s couches. 

When I read it last week and finally got done wiping my eyes from the tears of laughter occasioned by said nonsense I decided not to worry about it too much and to go on with life.

Then it surfaced again!  And of course like every internet hoax it just kept getting worse, and just to prove the fear factor and its power, such silliness we discover is now driving lesbians to the therapists’ couch in record numbers.  I conjured momentarily the view of such venues, little guys making paper airplanes out of MMPI test results while moms wept on the furniture as they awaited the Trumpian hoards. 

I kid you not, some contingent of our delicate leftists has actually bought into one of the most preposterously bad jokes in a century at least. 

Now we cannot begin to discover from whence cometh such fraud, but it is painfully and manifestly clear who its willing targets are.  Christmas has been smashed in by thugs who hide in the alleyways awaiting the moment of their evil when they can snatch up unsuspecting wee ones only to take them where they will never be seen or heard from again. 


But of course there is more; all over the media are declarations and radical spews announcing the end of life as they know it.  Trump is bigot, he is homophobe, he is closing the neuropathways of social order in favor of nobody-is-sure-what—or who—for some dread purpose that is also unknown. 

It was Congressman Luis Gutierrez (D, Il) who announced for all the world just waiting for his next intellectual gem that he would be boycotting the inauguration.  The reason (my close paraphrase) was that Trump had continued to demonstrate such bigotry, racism, etc. that he just could not in good conscience attend. 

Damn, that will sure bust the party bubble...

So I continue to scour the public record for evidence of such “isms” emanating from the lips of the nascent Prez, but alas, they are hidden from my view!  Oh of course the man has expressed his desire to keep “refugees” out until we can figure out who they are and what their backgrounds might be, but that was it.  He observed, however bluntly, that the flood of illegals into the US from the south has produced thousands of criminals, many of whom have committed horrible acts against American citizens (as well as against each other) over time, so that some effort should be made to curtail that floodgate in favor of some modest adherence to the rule of law.  Still trying to find the evil in that simple observation.

While Michael Moore, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros and a host of other leftist luminaries screech about these perceived problems, what the average liberal in the street interprets is that the constitution has been repealed and that the Trumpian goons are headed for a lesbian home near you. 

Look, I’m sorry if folks are that upset, albeit without justification or excuse, and I would speak a word of lucid encouragement to those whose paranoia has them installing multiple dead bolts on their doors, but in point of fact, aside from his hair cut and some of his tweet rhetoric, the guy is no more intent on reinstalling the Gulags or the SS than he is on getting that hair cut. 

He is however intent on jobs, prosperity, national and international security and recreating a time of growth and improvements to the American condition.  And that part is neither comedic nor hysterical. 

It’s just the truth.

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