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None So Blind...

They just won’t see it, not her, not him, not any of the knuckleheads in the media. 

Fifty are dead in Orlando, not because of a firearm, but because of a jihadi murderer, a trained and competent zealot whose devotion to radical Islam is his motivation, his reason, and his mission. 



And he did what terrorists do; he killed infidels (that’s all of us, in case you wondered) and did so with calm, cool, calculating efficiency.  He didn’t need a Sig Sauer MCX rifle, the hand gun was plenty.  A pound of C4 plastic explosive in a small pack or case would have done just as well—actually more effectively in most cases.  The weapon was just the means he chose. 


So I ask you why is it so hard for the Left in general, and Democrat candidates and leaders in particular, to get that one? 


The apparent illogic of these folks is really just a ruse, and sorry but it’s time to say so out loud.  The fact of a terror attack is, if important at any level, waaaaay secondary to all their efforts to accomplish other ends. 


Here, in order of priority as best I can tell after watching these scholars for these many years, are the “ends”:

  1.  Where terror is implicated, job #1 is to spin and immediately diffuse any and all evidence that would suggest Muslim extremist actions.  This one is an Obama specialty.  Warnings against “rushing to judgment” or speaking out in a way seen by their Thought Police to be potentially upsetting the Muslims, whoever they might be, are paramount.  Can’t stir up CAIR (Counsel on American Islamic Relations) or any of those other fronts for extremism in our country.  Nooooo, can’t do that.
  2. Where weapons are involved, immediately shift the focal point from the people hurt or killed to the weapons used.  Case in point was our lost ball president yesterday, blathering on incoherently to some gaggle of head-nodders at the White House about how this shooter should never have had access to that rifle, etc., etc., etc. . .Honestly I felt momentarily bad for the guy, staggering around in the giggle weeds of gun control when a committed terrorist had just done what they do all over the world, Sig Sauer MCX rifle or not.
  3. Announce some kind of investigation to determine motive and cause—no, really, I’m not kidding, that’s what he said.  I guess all that “Allah Akbar” crap being screamed as he shot a hundred people or the known associations with radical Islamic ties or his trips to Saudi Arabia or his immediately known terrifyingly radical and racist and violent statements made to co-workers—none of that counts.  We need to slow down, back up, take a breath, and most importantly, work to paper the whole thing over and lose it in some kind of LGBT issue (again, take that one up with the Islamists—they do the murdering of those folk) while focusing on the non-issues surrounding the weapons used.  And most of all get the story off the front pages pronto! So there will be time to marginalize the whole incident into another example of “workplace violence” or some such crap.  But whatever else is done, it is paramount that the public be hoodwinked and conned away from recognizing what just happened. 


So what did just happen in Orlando?  Thought you’d never ask.  Same thing that happened at Ft. Hood, same thing that happened in San Bernardino, same thing that happened in Boston, and worst of all, THE SAME THING THAT WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN AT THE HANDS OF MURDEROUS ISLAMIC TERRORISTS GOING FORWARD.    


The truth that neither the Pants Suit nor the President can let themselves see or acknowledge is that the enemy is no longer at the gate; he has breached that gate and is on the loose in our nation, prowling, preparing and arming himself to kill any and all he can reach.  This one who took out the gay bar in Orlando was also casing Disney World.  Wouldn’t that one have been fun...

And all the while we are led by—and have one trying to keep it up if she can fool the electorate again—people who truculently refuse to recognize that the war rages, that the enemy is here, and that we are already way behind in taking aggressive steps to prepare to meet him wherever he raises his head. 

So much for leadership.

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