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            Nothing clever or even an attempt at such; I come to you all with fear in my heart and the sense of impending calamity that can only come from being bombarded from every side with evidence that not only supports this fear but that screams from the rooftops for us to heed the warnings.  I have no quips for you today, no rhetorical games or invitations to political gamesmanship. 

            The source of my fright is not some goofy right wing website or even the alarums of the kooks who see enemies behind every tree.  At this moment it’s the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security and even the Border Patrol that will not let me hide. Their warnings are as clarion and terrifying as they are ignored by the media that conceals them.  And while our leaders from both parties dither and dance, excuse and hide, the most deadly and earnest enemy of our American Dream advances even within our borders.  The Islamic State makes no effort to hide their intentions as they behead Christians wholesale, burn innocent Muslims alive and subjugate a country that we so recently sacrificed mightily to save.  Terror, barbarism, and murderous treachery are fomenting in our beloved country, right under our noses. 

            We have talked over the past years about just how easy it would be for some kind of evil force to turn on us if they only decided to do so.  Schools, churches and even shopping malls that suddenly become deadly venues where our meager civilian forces would be instantly over –matched can, if attacked, stop this society of ours in its tracks.  And make no mistake, even if we had firm and responsive leadership at the national level—which we indeed do not have in either party—a dispersed and resolute foe with the passion and the zeal to strike us would easily overwhelm us, at least for a while. 

            We stand by and watch as our senate once again capitulates based upon weak and feckless excuses, folding like a cheap card table on things as fundamental as refusing to fund the lawlessness of our President’s “executive amnesty” threats.  Hell, our president will not recognize and condemn Islam for the bloody blot on civilization that it has turned into, while the murderous thugs who populate more and more of the Muslim world continue to slip through our porous borders bringing god-knows-what with them in aid of their bloody desires. 

This much is simple:  if our leaders really had our safety and the continuation of our society at heart there would be no Muslim immigration, legal or otherwise without strict and assiduous prior examination and investigation.  There would be no holes in our borders, and there most certainly would be at least a military division down there, fully equipped and unequivocally tasked with sealing the border air tight shut.  There would be no politically correct but intellectually bankrupt vocabulary aimed at placating our enemies, and no official, President or otherwise, would get by with lying through his teeth to us while he aids and daily abets those enemies in their quest to kill us all. 

            That sorry mouth piece from the State Department that declared we cannot kill our way out of a war knows no more about war (to quote Patton) than she does about fornicating.  And be clear on this my friends; unless we are led and protected by better men that those who populate our congress and our white house, our lives and those of our children are and will continue to be in grave danger.  And none of them has the courage or the common sense to act to protect us.   

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