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So That's What Greatness Looks Like



It is an era where we have to go back to Reagan at the Berlin wall or MLK on the Mall in Washington to get a glimpse of the kind of masculine, courageous and incisive leadership that was on display before a joint session of Congress Tuesday morning.    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a much publicized and ridiculously criticized appearance, demonstrated to Americans and to the world’s population what it means to stand tall, speak straight and summon the power that comes from deep personal and spiritual commitment. 

            He spoke for his People, the Jews of ancient Israel, now a power in their own right, owners of the land of their millenias-old civilization and keepers of the only democracy in that whole sad area of the world.  And he spoke to an assembly—and their constituents—who so desperately needed not just to hear his clarion call and alarm, but to see just one time a man whose valor and sacrifice towers over the insipid, snarky weaklings who pass for leaders here in the United States and all across the Western world. 

            In his praise for our feckless president he was magnanimous and forthright as he recounted the Obama administration’s assistance to Israel (little enough when balanced off against the slights, insults, and boorish sophomoric behavior he has displayed with painful regularity over the past six –plus years).  The Prime Minister recognized Democrats who are anything but the allies of Israel from Reid to Pelosi, finding a way to demonstrate his desire to work with all in furtherance of our alliance and mutually shared dangers.  And then he rocked and fired for effect.

            Iran and Islamic terror, the bastard offspring of that evil regime, are the enemies of freedom and the source of the most murderous barbarians since the Third Reich; they cannot be permitted to develop nukes, because—oh duh—they will use them to annihilate not only Israel but also Rome and ultimately the United States.  And over and over again the huge live audience sprung to their feet in thunderous applause for his unvarnished and fearless annunciation of the truth.  A truth, by the way, that official Washington, from the President to the palace guards in the mass media, finds so repugnant that no matter how clear it is, they simply cannot summon the courage to recognize and to say these things. 

            He was bold, challenging, reassuring and confident.  He was straight, steely in the face of evil, and, even knowing full well that the clueless wonders among Democrats in the room and across the media would scream like a bunch of smashed cats at his clarity, he proceeded to speak truth to darkness and terror.   

            My generation was blessed to be raised by men like Benjamin Netanyahu; they fought our wars, vanquished the enemies of liberty wherever they raised their bloody heads, and then taught us back at home what manhood looks like.  To speak plainly and in truth, never to run or even turn aside from those who would threaten us; and never to accommodate or tolerate the menace of evil.  They were not perfect, and neither is the Prime Minister.  But the world does not need perfection, only courage, vision and steadfastness.  He demonstrated all three and in so doing, showed us sadly that such men are rare indeed.

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