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So What Did The Election Mean - Really?

About a month after the American electorate swept leftists and pundits out to sea in a landslide of historic proportion, the Congress made a deal to capitulate on a trillion dollars’ worth of new and used budget items, gave President Barack Obama a pass on his signature accomplishment of lawlessness, executive amnesty, and funded the whole mess till September.  First clue it was a bad deal was when Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and the President congratulated Speaker John Boehner (OH-8) on the fine work they had done.  Hmmm…not a good sign with those scholars like the deal. 

There were a couple of crumbs to appease the masses—not—like a little cut to the EPA budget and another aimed at the IRS, but in the main what happened was that House and Senate Republicans anticipatorily capitulated to the thugs in Senator Harry Reid’s (D-NV) corner just three weeks before the cavalry was to get to town and provide some long-needed adult supervision.  Now the newly minted Republican majorities will find a huge portion of what they wanted to do to keep faith with the people who elected them already surrendered so that most of the first year of the new deal will be wasted.  Pardon me for being less than optimistic that our own delegation will somehow come to play this time. 

And speaking of our delegation, the House Republicans left me slack-jawed in amazement.  If the response from WIBC callers, my own emails and the attacks I’ve endured in the Walmart checkout line are any indication, Hoosiers wonder if the whole crowd has been there too long already.  The members of the House had absolutely no reason to do any of that, especially in view of what Rep. Marlin Stutzman (IN-3) reported concerning the existence of a short term continuing resolution that would have carried us over into the new year until the leadership changes could be in place.  If that was a possibility, why get run over again by the goons?  And as for Senator Dan Coats (R-IN), the thing was going to pass without a single Republican vote; why add credence to it when you know that Hoosiers are NOT going to like it, and further that they are counting on a demonstration of leadership in the face of the tyranny that has become the US Senate.  This whole bunch would do well to have a long talk with their motivations before they do this again. Next year does not look good to this Hoosier from here.


All I can figure is that there is an alchemy in that building that saps the courage and the commitment out of the folks who stay there for a while.  What remains to be seen as the new scene unfolds is whether or not the fine potential for real leadership and vision that is so evident in them all finally overtakes the extortionate character of that puzzle palace.  “NO” is just not that hard a word.  Dan Coats has the experience, wisdom, skill and reputation to step up and lead the new Senate to great things.  But deal making with the devil’s agents doesn’t need to happen any more and his focus must be on reining in our lawless Executive and forcing the guy to veto, veto, veto, etc, etc, etc. . .Time for Seantor Ted Cruz (R-TX), Senator Mike Lee (R-UT) and Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) to be invited to the table and their conservative principles embraced by the whole crowd.

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