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Trumped By Carly

When she ran away with the so called “under card debate” some weeks back Carly Fiorina quickly got the attention of even the liberal pundits for her crisp delivery, command of the subject matter and that confidence that only comes from life experience and the tough times that life can deliver.  In the intervening weeks she climbed steadily in the polls and saw her junior varsity status upgraded to the main event, the September 16 CNN- run second debate. 


In the run up to that extravaganza Donald Trump kept on with his bull in the china shop rhetoric, saw his ratings continue to rise, and topped it all off with a crude and mean spirited swipe at Carly’s appearance—essentially opining that she was ugly.  He did it, as is usually the case with him, unprovoked and without excuse.  Actually her own comments on his bona fides as both candidate and potential president had been pretty straight ahead and without a hint of rancor.  So the nasty cat call by the Donald was more incongruous yet, given the absence of even a modest attack by her that might have explained such an otherwise typically childish crack.


“I think women all over this country heard really clearly what Mr. Trump said.”  With that sharp shot she responded to a question regarding Trump’s comment, and he was for the first time maybe ever, taken aback.  His face got red, he stammered momentarily, and then—in a manner as tactless as the rest of his rhetoric—he blurted out that he really thought she had a beautiful face and that she was a beautiful woman.  That one was drowned out by the huge explosion of applause that Carly’s statement had already caused in the audience.


So what does that little exchange mean in the cosmos of electoral politics?  One would be safe in declaring “nothing.”  But not so, at least not right now.  Oh sure, we have all been treated to the joy of seeing the bully take one to the chops and had the pleasure of watching him blush; worth the price of admission all by its self.  But there is something else at work here, and it has less to do with him than it does with her and the important ingredients in her character.  Head set and jaw square, facing Goliath and a stage full of some pretty powerful men around him, she launched that one missile that knocked him down. 


There is more; the whole idea of a woman as a CEO is sometimes uncomfortable to Americans of both genders, whether we want to admit it or not.  Silly at this point, I agree, but nonetheless it’s there.  But then again, who have been our choices so far?  Geraldine Ferrero was the first VP candidate, a democrat who ran with Walter Mondale.  They got beat by the Reagan juggernaut, but she was impressive.  But presidential?  Sorry, no sale.  Waaaayyyy liberal, a feminist firebrand, contentious at most if not all times, she was nobody’s choice to end up president.  Then came Sarah Palin and the advent of the age of really attractive women in the game.  She was populist, interesting, and terribly vulnerable to the liberal media who had an almost immediate visceral loathing for her and in retrospect, lacked some of the wheels and wit it would take to ride in the fast lane with the boys. 


That brings us to Hillary and the next possibility.  She is cantankerous, far less the intellectual than all that gasbaggery that emanates from the Leftist media would have us believe, pedantic and decidedly NOT attractive.  But many are telling us she is inevitable, and that no man—that is no man—can beat her.  But a svelte, attractive executive, a real woman with battle scars and life experience (not to mention that resolute gaze and rapier tongue), is a different option altogether.  Mrs. Clinton will absolutely suck by comparison to Carly in the debate format, and if she goes into the shrill, helium voiced screech with Carly, the one thing that will not happen is Carly responding in kind.  One smashed cat on the stage is plenty. 


So here is one for ya; Cruz might get past her, and the Donald could sneak around end and get there, but not likely.  Carly outclasses Clinton, she out-dresses her, out-thinks her and in the area of personal and professional integrity, leaves that pants suit in the dust.  There. I said it.  If I’m wrong sue me.  To quote Don Henley, “I could be wrong, but I’m not.” 

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