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Weather—Or Not


Last Saturday in Hamilton County looked like the day after Thanksgiving or daytime New Year’s Eve; traffic so thick from an airplane it would have looked like a maze of long skinny parking lots.  We were, after all, duly warned of the impending doom surrounding at least 8 inches of snow that was to begin Saturday night and continue all day Sunday.  Stuck with my usually state of disorganization I kept having to go back out in the snarl because of some small but essential piece of carpentry to accomplish my paneling mission at home.  Maddening.  Lines at the gas pumps, grocery shelves emptying out at high speed—you were here too so you know. 

            I stocked the fireplace hearths with extra wood, got all vehicles put away out of the now-looming storm, then turned in as the left over kid in me anticipated the storm to come.  Woke up about 3am, stretched a bit, fumbled for my glasses, and made a straight line for the windows and the floodlight switch.  No snow.  Well maybe an inch, and the accumulation was done as the snow had stopped falling at all.  They had missed it again.

            More clarification.  All of us who prepared for the storm did not act either in haste or out of some kind of hysteria.  For example, “AccuWeather” set the probability of big time snow as “high confidence”—I suppose that was as opposed to “we said it but we really don’t know much.”  All the sources available to TV and WIBC as well only continued to double down on their ever-more dire predictions; in point of fact we Hoosiers acted quickly but appropriately based on those ominous prognostications.  But then, nothing.

            Now it hit ‘em pretty hard up north, even though not when it was supposed to happen, but Central Indiana, allegedly right in the bulls eye of the storm’s path got left completely out.  So what’s the point?  Elementary, my dear readers: IF THEY CAN’T GET IT RIGHT FOR A STORM ONLY HOURS AWAY, HOW THE HELL ARE THE CLIMATE GENIUSES SUPPOSED TO PREDICT THE END OF THE CLIMATE WORLD IN 85 YEARS?!

            As both Chris Horner and James Delingpole report for us constantly, they can’t.  Cooked books, fraudulent data, even more fraudulent interpretation thereof, and just plain old barnyard whoppers are the global greens’ stock in trade.  Truth be told (but not often), to the extent that “global temperatures” are changing at all, they are doing it in an up-and-down, decidedly UN-predictable manner. 

            Al “the body” Gore bloviates with his ever-increasing girth about how we will be tying up our boats to the Washington Monument by 2020—well it better hurry, as trends are in the opposite direction these days.  Again, folks, the point is simple; when we can’t predict accurately on a matter of impending storms over a period of hours, it is the height of arrogance to claim the ability to conjure climate over decades, no matter how big your crystal ball is.  It’s an enormous place, this planet we inhabit, and the atmosphere surrounding it is truly indescribably immense.  And just remember, it didn’t snow. 

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