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Garrison: Israel Is Not The Problem...Never Has Been

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Greg Garrison takes a look at the history of conflict in the Middle East and why Israel is not the problem.


The fascinating thing about Med-east rhetoric is that it neither lives nor dies on the bases of fact. And in one of the most ridiculous frauds to be perpetrated on the world’s readers, media has succeeded in making the word ”Zionist” some kind of epithet or byword that is intended now to carry with it a sort of pejorative connotation that to the ignorant populations of the world suggests that those who see Israel as the ancestral and religious home of the Jewish People are somehow murderous and brutal oppressors of, well, their oppressors. . .

Anyone with an even fragmentary knowledge of the history of the Jews and that part of the world cannot—at least not without torturing that facts—misunderstand the stark historical realities associated with the millennial claim to the holy land that they continue to assert. And in point of fact even the English application of the descriptor “Palestine” as some assignation of Muslim primacy has never been accurate. 

What one learns if he or she bothers to get beyond the latter day revisionism perpetrated by Leftist media and historians is that Jewish Israel’s claims and perpetual inhabitance of the land from Lebanon and Syria south to the Negev, east to Jordan and west to Egypt made clear many centuries ago that it was theirs. Period. 

Innocent blood is spilled in the Holy Land by those who desire to take by the sword that which history and lore denies them, but like so much of radical Islam, the blood lust trumps all. The war continues not withstanding fact, history and world view. But so long as killing is winking at and papered over by empty headed pundits and hangers on to inexcusable and horrific acts of terror,

Judaism’s antiquitous claims and history predate the much latter day appearance of Mohammed by a thousand years at least, and the very late dated allegations to religious holy places in Jerusalem are simply and purely factually incorrect. And the sooner Western Civilization gets its collective head around the history of the whole thing, the sooner the pretenders and the jihadists will lose their faux support. This is Greg Garrison, and that’s the way I see it.  

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