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Week of December 13

Monday, December 13 - Carl Brizzi - Guest Host
Recap: U.S. Rep. Dan Burton (IN-5) discussed the on-going debate over continuation of the Bush era tax policy. Tom Rose on Israeli security for air travel and the contradiction of the U.S. T.S.A. policies. Stephen Moore, Senior Economic Writer on the Editorial page for the Wall Street Journal looked at the ax debate going on in Washington.
Tuesday, December 14 - Big TuesdayTom Rose - Guest Host

Recap: Dana Loesch, Editor-in-Chief of Big Journalism looked at the media obsession with Sarah Palin.  Mike Flynn, Editor-in-Chief of Big Government talked about the possibility of Moody's cutting the U.S.'s Triple A credit rating. Peter Schweizer, Editor-in-Chief of Big Peace discussed the WikiLeaks affair and the U.S. private charged with the release of the information. John Nolte, Editor-in-Chief of Big Hollywood took a look at the top 25 all-tie left-leaning movies out of Hollywood. Larry O'Connor, Editor-in-Chief of talked about a 60's debate between Ronald Reagan and Robert Kennedy. Andrew Breitbart, Founder of,, Big HollywoodBig Government, Big Journalism and Big Peace had the latest developments in the Pigford case.
Wednesday, December 15 - Tom Rose - Guest Host
Recap: Chris Horner, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and author of Power Grab: How Obama's Green Policies Will Steal Your Freedom and Bankrupt America talked about Duke Energy and the questionable decisions made towards "clean" energy. Jed Babbin, former Deputy Undersecretary of Defense under President George H.W. Bush discussed the new "no labels" group. Michael Ledeen, Freedom Scholar at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies and a contributor at Pajamas Media looked at the latest survival of the Italian P.M.'s political life. Frank Gaffney, Founder and President of the Center for Security Policy talked about the new S.T.A.R.T. treaty and how it needs to be looked at by the next congress. David Horowitz, Founder and Publisher of looked at the roots of the new socialism that has invaded the current government. Victor Davis Hanson, the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in Residence in Classics and Military History at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University and a contributor at Pajama's Media talked about the on-going debate over gays in the military.

Thursday, December 16 - Tom Rose - Guest Host
Recap: Stephen F. Hayes, Senior Writer at The Weekly Standard talked about his recent piece on high-speed rail boondoggles and how Wisonsin & Ohio have rejected federal dollars for these pork projects. U.S. Rep. Mike Pence (IN-6) talked about why he will not be voting for the compromise between the president and the senate. Rich Noyes, Media Research Center looked at news reports over the last two years and the networks failures to mention Jesus Christ when talking about Christmas. John Stossel, Host of Stossel on the FOX Business Network discussed his upcoming shows on FNC & FBN and his liberatarian viewpoints on drug legalization.
Friday, December 17 - Denny Smith - Guest Host
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