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Blog > The Gun Guy > Circle K clerk shoots an armed robber - and now she's out of a job.

Circle K clerk shoots an armed robber - and now she's out of a job.

After over thirty robberies occurred in the area, Jennifer Wertz decided to take her gun to work - a decision that may have saved her life, but also got her fired.

"I can get another job.  I cannot get another life."  

That's how Jennifer Wertz responds when asked why she decided to take her gun wth her to work last week.   And when an armed robber entered the Circle K convenience store in Albuquerque, New Mexico where Jennifer Wertz was employed as a clerk, Jennifer knew she needed to get home safely to her three kids and her disabled mother who all rely upon her every day.  In that moment, as a masked gunman pointed a gun at Jennifer's face and demanded money, Jennifer decided to defend herself with the pistol that she had decided to carry to work for the very first time - a known violation of Circle K's "no firearms" policy for employees.  

The gunman, 23-year-old Ferron Mendez, was struck in the torso by Jennifer's bullet but is expected to survive.  In the meantime, Jennifer's employer, Circle K, has suspended her from her job pending termination.  And although Jennifer is now out of a job, she doesn't regret her decisions to arm herself that evening and to defend herself against the armed robber threatening her life.

"I was only doing what any individual should have the right to do.  Every human being should have the right to protect themselves whether or not they are on the job. That should not matter - I am still a human being.  I am not disposable and I should have the right to protect myself."

Hear Jennifer's amazing story of survival as she discussed her experience Saturday with WIBC's Guy Relford on "The Gun Guy Show" by clicking here.

Guy A. Relford

Guy A. Relford is a Second Amendment attorney in Carmel, Indiana.  He is also the owner and chief instructor of Tactical Firearms Training, LLC in Indianapolis and the author of “Gun Safety & Cleaning for Dummies” (Wiley & Sons Publications, 2012).  He hosts “The Gun Guy with Guy Relford” on WIBC radio in Indianapolis.

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