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An Open Letter to "Gun Control" Advocates

I am a gun owner and I am not your enemy. 

I own firearms because I cherish life, not because I want to destroy life.

I own guns because I want to protect children, not murder them.

I love my country and I would sacrifice my life to defend it. And loving my country means that I necessarily respect the Constitution that defines it - all of the Constitution, not only the provisions that are convenient or consistent with my personal beliefs and preferences. 

I know the law and I respect the law. I own guns because unfortunately some others in our communities do not respect the law in the same way that I do. I own guns because I have accepted the responsibility to protect myself, my family and every other innocent person who might be threatened with violence in my presence.

Criminals, terrorists and psychopaths are my enemies - and they should be your enemies too, not law-abiding gun owners.  Of course, it is easy to make me your enemy.  The evil people lurking in the shadows of our society are much more difficult to identify than I am. I have legally obtained my firearms. The police or the ATF can find me if they try.  I'm not hiding because I am not a criminal, terrorist or psychopath - and I am not your enemy.

I own a rifle. My rifle is not a threat to you or any other innocent person. My rifle is only a threat to the criminals, terrorists or psychopaths who might attempt to hurt me, my family or any other innocent person.  If the need ever arose, my rifle and I would fight to protect you and your children from evil without hesitation.

My rifle is also exactly what the founding fathers had in mind when they wrote the Second Amendment, because I am the "well-regulated militia." My rifle and I are "necessary to the security of a free State." 

My rifle and I are necessary to the security of a free State because as the framers of the Constitution understood, tyrants can only be held at bay by force. 

My rifle and I are necessary to the security of a free State because the greatest threat to a free State is an oppressive government. That concept lies at the core of the founders' intent when writing the Second Amendment.

But this doesn't mean that I hate my country or my government. To the contrary, I love my country and will do so until to my dying breath. I will fight to protect the Constitutional rights and freedoms of every citizen in this country - including yours.  

And because I love my country, I will defend and protect it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I will fight to maintain the Constitutional Republic that our founders created.  And I will not accept any government that blatantly ignores a Constitution that I would die to defend. And millions of peaceful, law-abiding, patriotic Americans feel exactly the same way that I do.

I am not your enemy.  My firearms are not your enemies either. I am a patriot and a lover of life and liberty. I respect the rule of law, and my guns will only be used to protect innocent lives and to defend this great country.

I am not your enemy, so please stop treating me like the criminals, terrorists and psychopaths who truly want to harm you and your children.  One day, an armed citizen just like me may be the only thing between evil and you or your children - and you'll see with absolute clarity that my guns and I are truly not your enemies.


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