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Abdul vs Todd Rokita

Friday, Luke Messer joined Hammer & Nigel and hinted that someone in the Indiana GOP Senate Race may be bailing on the April 30th televised debate. Then, he tells us the name he has heard is Todd Rokita.

Next, a story came out that was picked-up by the AP. “Rokita skipping televised Indiana GOP Senate debate, complains about 'leftist propoganda’.

The nonprofit Indiana Debate Commission announced Friday that U.S. Rep. Luke Messer and former state Rep. Mike Braun had agreed to the April 30 debate that will be made available to TV stations throughout the state.

According to the debate commission, Rokita’s campaign manager Bryan Reed said the congressman had scheduling conflicts and that he would only participate in primary debates “organized and moderated by conservative Republicans.”

The full release can be read here:
"The Rokita campaign believes debates in the Republican Primary should be hosted by conservative and Republican organizations which get into the issues Republicans care about, not leftist propaganda and gotcha questions from liberal media figures, liberal college professors, or other parties interested in attacking Republicans and re-electing Joe Donnelly," the press release says.

The Indiana Debate Commission event is being moderated by our very own Abdul Hakim-Shabazz. There are allegations that Abdul has bad blood and bias towards Rokita's camp.We have him on the show to talk about all the drama. 

"Obvisouly, somebody is worried about something. Hopefully, the Rokita people will release that this is not a good strategy."

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