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Butler Professor's Insight On USA-North Korea

Photo Credit: Kyodo News/ Getty Images

Tensions between the United States and North Korea continue to escalate after it was reported that North Korea is now making missile-ready nuclear weapons.

We chat with Fait Muedini. Dr. Muedini is a professor of International Studies at Butler University and details the current situation involving the United States, North Korea and China.

Dr. Muedini says that Donald Trump’s statement to respond to North Korea with “fire and fury” enforces what Kim Jong-un is saying to his people.

 “Those sorts of statements are some of the most troubling you can make with regards to a regime like North Korea… For North Korea, the argument that Kim Jon-un makes to his public is that ‘We are not the danger. The reason we have nuclear weapons is because we are threatened by the Americans and South Koreans.’ He’s just going to use this to basically say, ‘I told you so.’”

-Dr. Fait Muedini

Dr. Muedini also expands on what role China will play in dealing with North Korea. China sided with the United States in putting sanctions on North Korea, but should China side with North Korea, what would that mean for the United States?


Listen to the whole interview here

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