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Competitive Eating Champion Joey Chestnut Vs. Hammer & Nigel

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The Champ is here!


Joey Chestnut, the world’s greatest competitive eater is in studio. He’s in town to defend his title in the St. Elmo Shrimp Cocktail Eating Championship. Joey currently holds ten world records for competitive eating. Last year, he set the world record by eating world record 15 pounds of shrimp cocktail in eight minutes.

Joey is most well-known for domination at the Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest every 4th of July. We at the Hammer and Nigel Show are big fans of shoving food into our mouths, so we soak up all the information we can.

Joey’s eating skills were realized at a young age after his brother signed him up for an eating contest.

“I ended up getting 3rd place…and it was great because I ended up getting paid to eat and it snowballed from there.”

Joey has quite a task ahead of him. While eating has never been an issue, the shrimp cocktail sauce is a challenge due to the intensity of the sauce.

“I try to get into a rhythm during the contest. It’s a hard contest because of the burning feeling of the sauce that you never get used to. I’ve gotten better over the years, but it’s still tough.”

Hammer and Nigel then challenged Joey to a St. Elmo shrimp cocktail eating contest. It didn't go well for the guys. Listen here!

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