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The Dark Side of Hollywood: Indiana Actress Reports

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In the wake of all these allegations against movie producer Harvey Weinstein, we reached out to Lisa Mason Lee. She’s a Hoosier, but is currently in Hollywood working as an actress. She gives us a look at what young actresses have to deal with when pursuing a career in film and television.

“People in the entertainment industry have been manipulated by people in power positions. I’ve had a couple situations happen to me in the past. They’re people who come out here with hopes and dreams and people are willing to throw themselves at people in power positions.”

Lisa has a personal experience with the dark side of Hollywood.

“When I first came out here I got a manager and he sat me down in his office and said ‘Look, you know it would be a good idea if you go out for a comedy role then you do a soft porn’”

Her manager then asked her to take pictures in provocative poses. Lisa refused and looked for new representation.

Listen to Lisa’s full interview below.

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