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FBI Sex Trafficking Investigation Has Ties To IN

Photo Credit-Yuri Gripas

A nationwide FBI sex trafficking investigation just wrapped up. Agents saved 84 minors and captured 120 traffickers across the country, including some here in Indiana.

The investigation, called "Operation Cross Country XI," ran from Oct. 12 - 15, and included arrests in Indianapolis, Fort Wayne and South Bend. One trafficker was arrested in South Bend and another in Fort Wayne.

“No juveniles were recovered in Indiana, but these operations are not just a one-time effort – they are ongoing” per Indiana FBI rep Chris Bavender. An FBI release said the average age of the victims was 15, with the youngest victim being only 3 months old. In the infant’s case, FBI agents said the child was discovered working alongside a 5-year-old girl in Denver

FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge, Greg Massa, joins the program to expand on Operation Cross Country and the problem of sex trafficking in Indiana.

“Every FBI office across the country participated. It was a concerted effort to hunt down and focus on human trafficking; in particular those minors who are being sex trafficked.”

Agent Massa says that this is an issue that doesn’t just have national implications. Sex trafficking cases in Indiana have increased on a yearly basis.

“It’s a problem that is increasing. I know that our cases here in Indiana each year have increased. There’s a misconception that sex trafficking of minors isn’t a problem here in Indiana…. That could not be further from the truth. It happens in Indianapolis, Muncie, South Bend and cities in between.”

If you suspect someone may be involved in sex trafficking the FBI has a tip line you can call 24 hours a day.


If you have been or are currently a victim of sex trafficking, The National Human Trafficking Resource Center also has a 24 hour hotline.


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