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Hammer and Nigel Call BS

Athletes & Media Are Lying To You About "Locker Room Talk."

I've seen a few national news reports & tweets from pro athletes saying that Trump's "locker room talk" doesn't really happen in a locker room.....BULL CRAP! You are being lied to! I know because I covered locker rooms for years.

LET'S MAKE THIS CLEAR: This blog post isn't about who is qualified for president. This isn't even about politics. This is about calling "B.S" on those trying to grandstand to the media to make themselves look good. This is about athletes like Chris Cooley and Jacob Tamme lying to your face. This is about national news media like John King and Jake Tapper from CNN lying to you to fit their station's narrative. Now, I understand that not EVERYONE says horrible things in a locker room. It's not everyone, but it is a lot of locker rooms. All ages and all levels of sports. I have multiple friends who are athletes and I covered pro sports and college locker rooms for a number of years. Ask my wife about some of the things I would tell her I overheard in those mid-2000's Pacer locker rooms. If you think Donald Trump is bad, try hearing Stephen Jackson "chat" among friends. That locker room was the "Wild, Wild West!" Anyone recall the awful behavior in the Patriots locker room in 1990 that resulted in Lisa Olsen filing charges? Remember the University of Colorado situation with their female kicker Katie Hnida? How about Darryl Strawberry bringing women to the Mets clubhouse for "relations" DURING games? Now, to be clear, I'm not in ANY WAY condoning what happened or what was said, not at all, but I'm simply using those examples as a reminder that locker rooms can be extremely "R-Rated." Not the wholesome churches that these people going on CNN are making it out to be.

These athletes and media coming out and saying horrible words are not said in locker rooms is absurd. High school, college and pro, it happens. Ask any middle school or high school teacher (like my wife or multiple friends) or any school bus driver of older kids or school sports teams and they will tell you that filthy talk doesn't just happen in the locker room. It happens in the hallways and it happens in the back of the buses. I'm not saying it happens in all locker rooms, but it's certainly common in a lot. It's also about who you surround yourself with in those locker rooms. I'm sure people probably didn't hear Tim Tebow say things like that, but that doesn't mean that it's not being said elsewhere in the locker room. Don't be fooled by those grandstanding. It happens, guys say horrible things when women are not around and women say horrible things when men are not around. It happens, don't be fooled by those trying to win over the naive. Again, this isn't about who is running or even fit to be president, this is about athletes and media trying to blow smoke up your rear. I know it because I have seen and heard it.
-Jason Hammer


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