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Hammer: Little Faith In Congress to Get DACA Passed


Latino groups are condemning President Trump's decision to end a legal safety zone for children of illegal immigrants.

President Barack Obama issued the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals order when Congress didn't act on the issue. DACA split linguistic hairs to declare that people brought across the border by their parents still aren't legal residents, but have "legal status." 

An estimated 10,000 Hoosiers are covered by DACA. Indiana Latino Institute president Marlene Dotson says revoking that status creates needless stress for people who have always considered the U.S. their home. She says those residents are paying taxes, going to school, or both, and aren't at fault for the way they were brought into the U.S.

Trump delayed the effective date of his order till March to give Congress a chance to address the issue. Dotson's trying to organize Hoosiers to contact Indiana's delegation.


Hammer isn't optimistic about Congress being able to come up with a solution to DACA within the next six months. 


"This congress has shown that they can’t get anything done. They had 7.5 years to get repeal and replace done and they dropped the ball. What makes you think that they’ll be able to figure out DACA? They can’t even figure out how to make their lunch." -Hammer

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