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Latest on Daniel Nations: IN Police Still In Colorado

Photo Credit-WIBC

Since his arrest last week on a menacing charge, no further charges have been filed in regard to Daniel Nations. Shannon Brinias of KRDO tells us that more charges may be coming.

“They do have him as someone they are looking into to see if there is any connection to the shooting death of a bicyclist whose body was found in Colorado on September 17th.”

Indiana investigators are still in Colorado looking into a possible connection between Nations and the Delphi murders

“They are combing over evidence gathered in the menacing case. They are looking at the car and going over that for any evidence and any weapons in the car.”

When Nations was arrested he was with a woman, Katelyn Nations, who was found to have a warrant out for her arrest. She currently is not being charged with anything, but investigators are questioning her knowledge of Nations’ past and her whereabouts.

Shannon goes on to say that any updates from authorities on Nations' possible connection to Delphi will be kept quiet for the time being.

“With a case like this there can be radio silence. They will wait to release their information until they have all their ducks in a row.”


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