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Law Giving Refunds if Players Kneel During Anthem?

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A lot of people are upset about NFL players taking a knee during the national anthem. Now an Indiana congressman wants to put a law in place for fans who feel offended.

The law would allow sports fans to seek full face-value ticket refunds at games and events where athletes kneel during the national anthem. Rep. Milo Smith (R-59th) of Columbus said he plans to do so after he attended the Indianapolis Colts’ game on September 24th

Both Hammer and Nigel agree that this law is ridiculous and think it's a ploy for attention from Rep. Smith. 

"This is so stupid and everyone knows it's never going to pass. This is just someone saying 'Everybody look at me! Look how American I am!' It's political BS. What did he put on the backburner to work on this grandstanding piece of crap?"- Hammer

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