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Mark Boyle: Pacers Making Noise on Big Stage

Photo Credit- Gregory Shamus/Getty Images

How about those Pacers? The team that nobody was picking to win put a thumping on the Cleveland Cavaliers in game 1 of the NBA playoffs. The Pacers were in control for most of the game and ending up beating Lebron James’ team 98-80.

Mark Boyle is the voice of the Indiana Pacers. He joins Hammer and Nigel to talk about the game, the series against the Cavaliers and how far this team can go.

“The thing that was impressive to me from the Pacers perspective is that every time Cleveland made a run, the Pacers were able to respond and make a run of their own… Wednesday’s game is really important for Cleveland. They can't afford to lose two in a row to start a series at home."

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