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New Study: When Do You Become Old?


The average age when you start becoming an old person is 41, according to a new survey.  And the top signs it's happening are:  You start forgetting people's names . . . losing your hair . . . and feeling stiff.

And you fully make the transition by age 57.  Hammer and Nigel go through the top 10 signs you're becoming old, which are supposed to start hitting you at 41 . . .

1.  Forgetting people's names.

2.  Losing hair.

3.  Feeling stiff.

4.  Talking a lot about your joints and aches.

5.  Groaning when you bend down.

6.  Not knowing popular music.

7.  Misplacing your keys and glasses.

 8.  Getting hairier eyebrows, more nose hairs, and more ear hairs.

9.  Not lifting heavy things because you're worried about your back.

10.  Saying, "Back in my day."

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