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Is Nigel a Horrible Person? Celebrity Edition

Photo Credit-Michael Ostuni/Getty Images

Nigel has been out for the past week. He’s on a family vacation in Florida, but he’s calling the show today to check in. Apparently, staying at Nigel’s hotel is a celebrity. Aviva Drescher, star of The Real Housewives of New York City, was spotted by Nigel’s wife.

Nigel’s wife is a HUGE fan of the show and asked Nigel to walk up and introduce himself and his wife to her. Nigel, being a weenie, said he was too scared of upsetting the celebrity and told his wife no.

“I don’t want to go up to somebody and ask for their autograph. She could have us thrown out for bothering her. I’m steering clear."

Is Nigel declining his wife's request make him a horrible person? You decide!

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