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Surviving The Hurricane: An Inside Report From Houston

Andy Courtney grew up in Columbus Indiana but recently moved Houston for a job opportunity. He is live from Houston with a report on what exactly is happening in the city.

Andy tells us that locals in Houston did not expect the severity of the storm to be what it was.

“Everybody was saying that the media was just blowing this out of proportion. I don’t think anybody knew how big it was going to be. It came as a surprise to a lot of people.”

Due to the advice of the locals, Andy elected to stay in Houston and ride out the storm. His first inclination that things may be more serious than he thought was Sunday Night.

“Sunday night I was hearing helicopters flying over my apartment. They were picking up people from the freeway and getting them to shelters. That’s when I started to think, ‘whoa this is big.’ Luckily for me I picked a right apartment and I didn’t get hit with much.”

With Andy safe, he went out and volunteered his time to help out the victims of the storms.

“I went there Tuesday and it was insane. They were at capacity because so many people came out. They’ve got so many donations. Car’s lined up and down the convention center. Huge piles of clothes that had to be at least fifteen feet tall. People stepped up huge.”

Listen to the full interview below

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