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Tony Hinchcliffe: Behind The Scenes Of Comedy Central Roast

Photo Credit- Michael Schwartz/Getty Images

Comedian Tony Hinchcliffe on the Hammer and Nigel Show! He’s performing at the Deluxe Old National Center.

You may know Tony from his performance on the Comedy Central Roast of Snoop Dogg. We get the behind the scenes details from that experience.

“I was the only white guy in the entire theatre, but it was the night of my life. People were telling me that I stole the show, including Snoop himself who gave me a big hug and even said he wants to write a movie with me, and we are actually working on that now.”

He also fulfilled every pothead’s dream by smoking weed with Snoop himself.

He was scheduled to write stand-up material for Ann Coulter during her appearance on a Comedy Central Roast. However she declined and instead wrote her own jokes.

It didn’t work out too well.

“She just likes ruffling feathers. She made everyone mad, from writers to the audience to herself, because she got boo’d up there during that roast… The craziest thing she could have done was turn down the jokes we wrote for her.”

A lot more great stuff in the full interview! Listen below

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