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Update:Daniel Nations Went Missing Day After Sketch


Indiana State Police arrived in Colorado to speak to Daniel Nations on his possible involvement in the Delphi murder case. Shannon Brinias from News Channel 13 KRDO joins the show again to break down what this means.

“It’s a very sizable difference that now they are referring to him as a person of interest instead of just someone who they may be looking at.”

Shannon explains how Nation’s previous history as a registered sex offender and his Indiana ties have created more of a timeline showing police became interested in Nations the day after the artist sketch was released.

Shannon reports that the day after the sketch of the suspect in the Delphi murder case was released, an Indiana sheriff, knowing Nations’ history as a sex offender, attempted to locate Nations in his home in Greenwood Indiana. He was not there when police arrived and went missing from the state shortly after. 


For full details, listen to Shannon's interview here

This is some instant, righteous karma here folks! MORE DETAILS HERE Video of Package Thief Caught in the Act
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