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Voice Of The Colts, Mike Jansen, Joins The Show


Mike Jansen, the voice of the Indianapolis Colts joins the show. If you’ve ever been to a Colts game you have heard Mike’s voice booming over the loudspeakers after every play. He shares with us some funny moments from his career, and gives us a look inside game day.

 Mike just got back from the Colt’s Kickoff Lunch and he’s giving us all the inside scoop.

“Tony Dungy was the keynote speaker and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell also attended. He was asked about bringing the NFL Draft to Indy and when Lucas Oil would get to host another super bowl.“

We then move onto his prep for a Colts game.

“I’m there three hours before the game. We go through the script, pre-game activities, anything special going on during a timeout, what’s the halftime show. I have to get the phonetic pronunciations for all the guys. If I don’t get one, I’ll just wing it and yell “Tackle by number 73!”

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