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Weinstein: Hollywood Knew For Years

Photo Credit- Alexandria Wyman/Getty Images

Three women have now come forward with allegations of rape against disgraced producer Harvey Weinstein.

Actress Jessica Chastain admits she knew about Weinstein’s behavior, saying “everyone knew and they are not being honest if they say different.”

Now, some shocking audio has been released of Harvey Weinstein and model Ambra Gutierrez. In a recording secretly captured during an N.Y.P.D. sting operation, Weinstein admits to groping her, is begging her to watch him take a shower, she admits he was too rough, she repeatedly says “No” and he brings up his children while trying to seduce her.

"All these creepers knew about this kind of crap and didn't do anything about it. I wonder how loong they have known this was going on." -Hammer

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