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There's a ton of bad crap in the news lately... this portly old dude breaking out his marching band skills will be the best thing you see all day! Video of y28jsNUhi58
When the "Mother of All Bombs" was dropped in Afghanistan, I thought the military pushed a crate full of the Ghostbusters re-boot DVDs out the hatch. Nope. It was actually a big-ass bomb. Here is the footage: Video of MZ8j4QlYcYk
This gator shouldn't have been "horsin around." HEEEEY OHHH! - Nigel Video of 5jX7JrEprKI
You’ve seen him in movies like Joe Dirt ( watch the old trailer here ... Bob is 44 seconds in), and The Informant … he’s a national touring comedian with a loooong history and many fans here in Indy. His unique take on the news happens every week right here on the Hammer and...
John Daly is a beer drinking, cigarette smoking, womanizing son-of-a gun that knows his audience. He gave the people what they wanted the Monday after The Masters and teed up a golf ball on top of a beer can and smashed it down the fairway... then took a puff of his heater and...