The Hammer and Nigel Show

To close out our 1st week during drive time, we talk about the drama between Megyn Kelly and Alex Jones. It has reached soap opera level craziness Then, we take a look at Donald Trump tweeting that he is under investigation, a new segment of Lewd Nude Dude in the News and we...
A woman in North Carolina was not allowed to go to a beauty salon due to her being unable to hit in a seat. She is now claiming she was discriminated against. Hammer and Nigel have some thoughts on this.
Apparently this guy isn't a huge fan of the Hammer and Nigel show.
All this drama between Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly reminds of us a soap opera.
We've got a great show tonight. Jesse Watters of "The Five" on Fox News calls in. We talk to him about everything from Bernie Sanders to a pot convention. Story about Bill Cosby acting quite odd during his rape trial. We also touch on the liquidation of Marsh and update you on...
We had Jesse Watters of "The Five" on Fox News call in. We talk everything from Bernie Sanders to a pot convention and his wildest "Watters World" encounter. Listen to the full interview here!!
Hammer had an odd encounter with a man at a gas station yesterday. Then we listen to some very bizarre Bill Cosby audio that was taken after leaving the court house for his trial.
The boys have the latest on multiple shootings that happened today around the country. We have audio from Joe Donnelly and others on the scary situation in Washington. On a lighter note, we talk to YouTube star Chad Prather and have a new segment of "Great Moments in Lying"