The Hammer and Nigel Show

Kyle Ayers, performing at Crackers Comedy Club, is in studio. We talk about his time writing for Comedy Central roast. Kyle has contributed to past roasts on Comedy Central. He's written / writes for CBS and its Untitled Sports Show, the New York Times, the Huffington Post, BBC...
We recreated the negotiations between the Indiana Pacers and all their trade suitors.
Phil Montag WAS the co-chair of the state party's technology committee... until he was caught on tape saying that he was glad Steve Scalise got shot and he wished he was dead. The Nebraska Democratic Party Chairwoman immediately fired this ass-hat. Of course, he's saying it was...
A day after we find out that Anthem and MDWise are pulling out of Obamacare in Indiana, attention turns to Washington as many feel like we are getting closer look at the new health care plan. We also talk to former Pacer, Scot Pollard about the NBA Draft, Paul George and his own...
Confused about the logistics of the new healthcare bill? We have Rob Kendall on the show to break it down for us.
We have Beech Grove Mayor Dennis Buckley in studio. He's helping us give away some tickets and talking about the most famous person in Beech Grove not named Jason Hammer.
Jon Ossoff may have lost the runoff election in Georgia, but we jazzed up his concession speech and made it MUCH better
We chat with friend of the show, Scot Pollard, about the NBA Draft, his thoughts on Paul George and his own personal Draft day story.
I completely understand this woman's reaction. - Nigel Video of It's the dog toy, no! it's a rattlesnake!