The Hammer and Nigel Show

We chat with YouTube star Chad Prather. He's telling us about Coops for Troops, a very cool program for military veterans.
We sent Producer Ari to the streets and told people that Jeff Sessions referred to Marco Rubio as a "buttwad". We sat back and watched their reactions. Then we listen to a Rickers ad taking a shot at Indiana liquor laws
We got a great show today. An immediate reaction to the Jeff Sessions testimony. We talk crazy encounters we've had after getting pulled over by the police. We talk to Phil Collen of Def Leppard, put in a call to Bob Zany and another Lewd Nude Dude in the News
Our friend Bob Zany is back for another HILARIOUS edition of The Zany Report!
Have you ever had a strange encounter with a police officer after he pulled you over? The guys and some listeners share some wacky stories.
We chat with Phil Collen of Def Leppard about life on tour, how he stays in shape on the road and what fans can expect when he comes to Indianapolis on June 25th
We have Indy radio legend Bob Kevoian in studio. He's talking about his life in retirement, some crazy stories and plays a round of Is This Anything? and Lewd Nude Dude in the News. We also talk about Butler hiring a new coach.
We've got legendary Indy radio host, Bob Kevoian in studio. Talking with him about retirement, some crazy stories from his amazing career and doing segments of Lewd Nude Dude in the News and Is this Anything with him
Here's the deal. There is talk that Puerto Rico wanting to join the USA. If we take them in, then we're going to need to kick somebody out. The boys give their nomination