The Hammer and Nigel Show

Jon Ossoff may have lost the runoff election in Georgia, but we jazzed up his concession speech and made it MUCH better
We chat with friend of the show, Scot Pollard, about the NBA Draft, his thoughts on Paul George and his own personal Draft day story.
I completely understand this woman's reaction. - Nigel Video of It's the dog toy, no! it's a rattlesnake!
We have Beech Grove mayor, Dennis Buckley in studio! He's helping us give away some tickets and discussing how things are going in Beech Grove (the hometown of Jason Hammer). We fill you in on the situation with Anthem, the largest Obamacare seller, is pulling out of that market...
I wonder if he could do the same thing with my crappy, old golf clubs ? - Nigel Video of Polishing a Rusty Knife
We talk to illusionist, David Blaine. He's performing in Indy and we ask him what fans can expect. He also tells us about his interactions with fans and a funny story about George Bush. We also keep you up to date about any Paul George news. We have a crazy story about a couple...
We cover all the angles on the Paul George situation. After saying he would be leaving the Pacers after this upcoming season, we talk to Greg Rakestraw from The Fan to find out what the Pacers' options are. We discuss the breaking news about the death of Otto Warmbier; the...
We're joined by Greg Rakestraw from 1070 The Fan to discuss all the Paul George drama. What's next for the Pacers and Paul George?