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The internet if filled with cute doggie videos... this is one of them. Video of xbiypEZvRAw
My friend Matt passed away this week. He loved to make people laugh... truly the funniest guy I knew. I took a moment to talk about him last night on the show. -Nigel Audio titled a-few-words-about-the-passing-of-nigels-friend-matt
Zak Keefer , Colts writer from the IndyStar , does his homework. Dude knows his stuff when it comes to the Colts draft needs... and he breaks it down in less than 6 minutes. GO COLTS!!! Audio titled everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-colts-draft-with-zak-keefer
So this dude in New York called his boss a "M-Fer" on Facebook and got fired. He sued for wrongful termination. Fast forward 5 years later the worker won the lawsuit. Abdul , from Abdul At Large on 93 WIBC explains what this is really about... and makes a startling revelation...
Bruno from 1070 The Fan and " Bruno's Blog " joined Hammer and Nigel to talk about what's next for the Indiana Pacers and Larry Bird... plus Colts stuff and the All-Star game coming to Indy! Audio titled conrad-brunner-with-hammer-and-nigel