The Hammer and Nigel Show

My friend Matt passed away this week. He loved to make people laugh... truly the funniest guy I knew. I took a moment to talk about him last night on the show. -Nigel Audio titled a-few-words-about-the-passing-of-nigels-friend-matt
Zak Keefer , Colts writer from the IndyStar , does his homework. Dude knows his stuff when it comes to the Colts draft needs... and he breaks it down in less than 6 minutes. GO COLTS!!! Audio titled everything-you-need-to-know-about-the-colts-draft-with-zak-keefer
So this dude in New York called his boss a "M-Fer" on Facebook and got fired. He sued for wrongful termination. Fast forward 5 years later the worker won the lawsuit. Abdul , from Abdul At Large on 93 WIBC explains what this is really about... and makes a startling revelation...
Bruno from 1070 The Fan and " Bruno's Blog " joined Hammer and Nigel to talk about what's next for the Indiana Pacers and Larry Bird... plus Colts stuff and the All-Star game coming to Indy! Audio titled conrad-brunner-with-hammer-and-nigel