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10 November Gardening Tips

As leaves begin to fall and temperatures get cooler, it’s easy to forget about all the outdoor chores we need to do before the ground gets covered in snow. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of some helpful November gardening tips from Better Homes and Gardens to get you out and accomplishing the last of your fall garden checklist!


1. November Planting


Now is the time to plant your spring flowering bulbs, garlic, and any other new additions to your garden, about 6 weeks before the ground freezes. Make sure you apply a thick layer of mulch to insulate the soil if planting late in the season.


2. Leftover Leaves


Don’t worry if you don’t get all the leaves raked up this fall. Leaving some beneath shrubs will provide shelter for insects, which will then feed the birds in the spring. Do make sure to remove leaves near the shed, garage, or home that can provide shelter for pests like rodents.


3. Perennial Chores


Cut back your perennials, leaving 2-3 inches of the stem to protect them when they begin to emerge in the spring. Some perennials can also help add interest to your winter garden by attracting birds, like coneflowers or black-eyed Susans.


4. Plan for Next Spring


Use the down time of the fall to get a head start on your garden beds for the spring. Create rich plant-ready compost by layering cardboard, chopped leaves, straw, mulch, etc. on top of grass.


5. For the Birds


If you have a birdbath, think about adding a heater. Find out what type of birds you’d like to attract and see what kind of feeder/seed you need to accomplish that.


6. Power Tools/Hand Tools


Run the gas out of your power tools and sharpen any blades so they’re ready for use in the spring. Clean off any dirt on your hand tools like shovels, spades, or trowels to make sure they stay in good condition.  


Finish reading the rest of the tips here! What do you do to your garden in the fall to get it ready for the winter? 

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