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5 Tips to Get You Ready to Wrap


If you’re ahead of the game and have all of your holiday gifts purchased, it’s time to get wrapping!

There’s enough time between now and the holidays that you can space out your wrapping or get it done all in one go.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your gift wrapping duty a little less stressful this year:

1. Use fabric as wrapping paper. Put your gift in the middle of the fabric, tie opposites corners together, tie other corners. Repeat if you need a more secure knot.


2. Run out of gift bags? Make your own with paper! Check out the tutorial here


3. Place your gift on the wrapping paper diagonally. We know it sounds strange…watch below:


4. Try out double-sided tape this year. It’s a simple solution that will give your gifts a cleaner, more put together look.


5. Use plain brown wrapping paper, newspaper, or grocery bags. Decorate it with stamps, draw on your own gift tags, or put the focus on the ribbon!



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