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6 Ways to Decorate for the Holidays Without Leaving the Ground


Want to make your yard festive for the holidays without having to step foot on a ladder? We’ve got you covered! Here are some simple decoration ideas that don’t involve your feet leaving the ground.

1. Stringing lights around your house may be the most classic way to get the festive look you’re going for, but it also can be time consuming, difficult, and potentially dangerous. That doesn’t mean you have to totally forgo house lights! Try this laser light projector, the Star Shower, for easy set-up and beautiful lights.

2. Take your decorations all the way to the mailbox. Wrap garland around the post and attach decorations of your choice.

3. Line the front of your lawn or your driveway with luminaries. You can buy LED tea lights to put in your paper bags for safety in case they get blown over. You could even put a stencil or cut out on the bag to add interest.

4. Deck out your porch. Get or design a wreath for your front door that captures your style. You can use old pots from the summer to stick holiday decorations in like twigs, ornaments, or lights. Or you can get small Christmas trees to put on either side of your door. So many ways to make it your own!

5. Take advantage of any trees in your front yard. You can hang ornaments or lit wicker balls to the lower branches. If you don’t have any low branches, use the ground around the trunk to create a holiday scene.

6. Create log tea light holders! Find some logs of different heights that can stand up on their own. Then drill holes in the top big enough for a battery-operated tea light.


Just because you don't want to go to great heights to decorate this year, it doesn't mean your yard can't show off how festive you are! What are your favorite ways to decorate for the holidays? 

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