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In The Garden Right Now

Living in Indiana provides us with all these beautiful seasons that also seem to change week to week. So, what do you do with your lawn during all this constant change to keep it looking amazing? Don’t worry; we have your back on this one. Here’s what you can do RIGHT NOW to prepare for the colder months. 



* The fall grass-planting season is a short one. You should plant grass seed now through mid-September. Seed that is planted much later is generally not rooted deep enough to withstand the winter freeze and thaw cycles.  



* If your spring plants are a bit worn out from the summer there are plenty of fall annuals that can be planted right now that will thrive in the cooler fall temperatures like: pansies, super bells (calibrahcoa), snow princess (lobularia). 



* Fall is the best time to kill weeds. With the energy movement in the plants going down to the roots it makes mid-September through October primetime for lawn weed control 

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