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Heroes Of The 500 – Second To One

One of my favorite things to do is research drivers and facts from the Indianapolis 500. Obviously I’m no Donald Davidson, but I do always enjoy calling or e-mailing my friend Donald and saying, “Did you know such and such”.


Of course nearly 100 percent of the time, he already knows my fact, but it’s still fun to send them anyway.


While researching our “Second To One” show, I was intrigued to find out that there have actually been more drivers who have finished second in the 500 (74) than have won (69).


Of course, some of the second-place finishers went on to win the “500”, but others, including greats such as Harry Hartz, Ted Horn, Rex Mays, and Michael Andretti, never were able to grab the brass ring.


I was also intrigued that four different second-place finishers never drove in the “500” again after their runner-up finish.


There are so many second-place finishers who deserve to be celebrated, and that’s the goal of my program (and a new book by Racemaker Press) Second To One.


One of my favorite interviews in the show is with J.R. Hildebrand, who shares his thoughts about his famous second-place finish, and whether it bothers him to sign photos of his crashed car.


You’ll hear from Donald Davidson, and some of the other great second-place finishers in this show, Heroes Of The 500, Second To One.

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