Indy's Morning News

This morning Tony woke up and the first thing he thought of was the famous "Favabeans" quote from "Silence Of The Lambs" so Mike, Paige and Tony discussed their favorite scary movies/film quotes.
This morning Tony and Paige discussed the continued protests going on in Hong Kong as residents there want free elections which China agreed to but will choose the candidates. Protesters don't agree with that.
In light of the events in Sacramento and Washington state, Cam Edwards from NRA News joined Tony this morning to discuss the "gun control" debates that arise when these types of shootings happen.
Tony has been seeing tons of "For Sale" signs in yards lately on his way to work and was wondering if housing prices were dropping here in Indy so this morning he asked Scott Smith from about that.
Jay Graves from joined Tony this morning for the Colts Update and discussed the Colts dismal loss to the Steelers on Sunday.
This morning Tony and Jim Geraghty from National Review discussed the officers murdered in Sacramento, the tragic school shooting in Washington state, and how the lack of border security allowing illegals to enter our country allows them to vote illegally.
Rachel Sutherland from Fox News Radio joined Tony this morning to give us the latest on the two officers killed in Sacramento late Friday and what more we know about the shooter.
This morning Gerry Dick from Inside Indiana Business joined Tony for his weekly Monday segment as they discussed the creation of an Indiana Beer Trail to highlight all of Indiana's local breweries.
Conrad Brunner of 1070 The Fan joined Tony this morning as they reviewed the pounding Pittsburgh put on the Colts yesterday afternoon.