Indy's Morning News

Public Safety Director Troy Riggs discusses the challenges in the revolving door of the judicial system.
The protests in Hong Kong continue, and FOX News Radio's Simon Owen has the latest...
Dr. Gil Ross of the American Council on Science and Health weighs in on the U.S.' level of preparedness for an Ebola outbreak.
Tony rejects the premise that concern about an Ebola outbreak is fear mongering.
Opening segment from this morning's show as the weather cools and firepits and bonfires become plentiful in the Fall season, Tony continues to look for a Chininea.
This morning following Tony's interview with DPW Spokesperson Stephanie Wilson about the city's pothole problem and lack of funding, it became the "Big Story" of the day as Tony opened up the phonelines and wanted to know where the bad roads were.
This morning Tony spoke with Indianapolis DPW Spokesperson Stephanie Wilson about the ongoing pothole problem on Indy's roads and the lack and delay in funding approval by the City-County Council for a long-term fix to the potholes on city streets.
Conrad Brunner of 1070 The Fan joined Tony this morning for the Colts Update as they discussed the release of one Colts player after being arrested for DUI early Monday morning and the suspension of another by the NFL for violating the league substance abuse policy.
***WEB EXCLUSIVE AUDIO*** Jim Geraghty from National Review discusses with Tony the interview that President Obama did on 60 minutes where he appears to "throw anyone and everyone under the bus" on the underestimated growth of ISIS/ISIL in Syria and Iraq.