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What's the latest on the border wall? What award is Chelsea Clinton receiving from Variety Magazine? Why is a nail salon in the Memphis area under fire? What is the contrversy over the Water Snake Wiggly at a Trinity Lutheran School in Racine? Mock and Todd Meyer break it all...
Mock and Todd Meyer talk with Fox News Commentator, Todd Starnes, about transgenders in the locker room. Listen below!
There was a terrorist attack earlier today in London near the U.K. Parliament. Mock and Todd Meyer talk with Fox News Radio's, Simon Owen, about the latest on the London attack. Listen below!
Todd Meyer fills-in for Daisy while joining Mock on today's show. Listen to the full show here!!!
Hammer & Nigel have created a new tourism video for the east side of Indianapolis. Listen here...
Fresh off oh her birthday and her protests of #Trump, Rosie O'Donnell has teamed up with Hammer & Nigel for this "lovely" wedding album. Just listen......
11:30am: Rich Noyes , Media Research Center . 12:00pm: Erin Hawley , Legal Fellow at the Independent Women's Forum . 12:30pm: Chicks On The Right .
Jeremy Dys is Senior Counsel for First Liberty Institute, the law firm that created Here's everything you need to know about the Gorsuch confirmation hearings and the opposition from the Democratic Party