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Judge Says Court Will Stop Sending Teens to ITC

The presiding judge of Marion County's juvenile court says they have temporarily stopped sending youths to local training center under investigation for alleged previous abuses.

Judge Cynthia Ayers said that the Superior Court will use other counseling center for teens until a Child Protective Services investigation of the Indianapolis Training Center, which has come under fire recently after being accused of using corporal punishment on residents, is complete. Ayers also said that there is no one at the center presently who had been sent there by the court.

The court sends on average between five and ten juvenile offenders to the ITC annually as a condition of probation, and only after the teen's parents give concession. Child Protective Services is investigating whether recent charges brought against the ITC, including the denial of bathroom privaleges and the use physical harm as disciplinary tools, are true.

Ayers said the court had no indication of any troubles with the ITC until the charges were made public.

"Not until we received information that something was possibly not going right did we review the activity," she said.

Roger Gergeni, Director of the ITC, is refusing to comment on the charges until an internal inquiry into the matter is finsihed.